Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Remember Sherry


We've laughed until my cheeks are tight
We've laughed until my stomach's sore
If we could only stop we might
Remember what we're laughing for

I had found this poem in a book of child's verse from the 1950's and found it described our friendship perfectly and simply..

She's in my thoughts and in my heart until we meet again...

I Remember Sherry

From the porch swing yesterday...a rainy day...but the raspberry colors of the hydrangea tree were breathtaking.....
We planted this tree to honor the memory of a dear friend....Sherry...she made the world more beautiful with her friendship and her laughter and her floral wreaths made from hydrangea and more..
We used to ride around town until we found a hydrangea tree...we'd stop and she'd go and ring the bell and ask to take some blooms...sometimes no one would be home and we'd grab the clippers and run around like idiots and carefully select a few (so no one would miss them) and then stuff the trunk full and drive off - laughing like idiots...

She was my business partner and my Best Friend's been 14 years today since she left us but I remember like it was yesterday. I was blessed to have known her.